5 Best Hang Ups Inversion Table Reviews For 2019 - Expert Buyers Guide

Inversion tables are a great tool to use for the people suffering from back and neck pain. The inversion table helps to release the pain, relief from stress and to lose weight. Hang ups inversion table are the best type of inversion table, that table helps the person by keeping them in an upside down position. The hang ups inversion tables work with the help of gravity pressure, and this pressure creates the total stretch over the body.

So mainly the pressure and the stretch that felt in the body is the reason why people get so benefited by using it. The best hang ups inversion table has the best materials to build it. The hang-ups inversion table has all those quality and facilities to reduce pain, blood pressure and stress.

To choose the best inversion table there certain things that need to consider. The description of those variables are given below-


Durability is the primary key to consider before purchasing any product. Particularly the inversion table, this tool needs particular attention to its durability. The inversion table needs to be strong enough as it is going to lift all your body weight; otherwise, there has a great chance to have a terrible accident. Also, you don’t want to spend your money on a product which will not last for long. So an inversion table must be durable and this is the first thing to consider before buying one.


Hang Ups Inversion Table

Comfort is the second most important thing to consider. The product which has the best material in it or the product with the most detailed work is the comfortable one. The comfort also depends on some extra padding. An inversion table always needs to be comfortable as it is used to release pain. 

In the process of releasing pain, this device should not give you extra pain so the comfort is a must for inversion tables. An extra added cushions, a padded backrest, and the ankle roller foam. Those are the elements of a comfortable inversion table. So before buying an inversion table, those items must be in consideration.

Ease of Use

The ease of use is one important thing to consider. In the present time companies want to make their product more fashionable and up to date which leads them to make a complicated device. So many features in a simple tool make the device hard to use. So the ease of use is necessary. The device should be easy and to use so that anyone can use it.There should not be any unnecessary feature. The device should have the necessary items so that indicates you don’t pay for the unwanted feature.

​​​​"Less is more" this should be the motto of everything we use. The less feature makes the inversion table easy to use and accessible to all.

Other Considerations

Other considerations in the part of inversion table refer to the extra support of the inversion table. The table should be light in weight, and it should not have any problem while inverting. The inversion table also needs to be easy to fold. Those are the other considering of the inversion table.

The easily foldable quality makes the product easy to use for many of the users. The comfortable ankle roller, a large handlebar and the padded backrest is also an extra adding to the device. Those additional facilities make the inversion table more reliable and attractive to the others.

Top 5 Hang Ups Inversion Tables

1. Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table for back pain relief

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table for back pain relief is one of the best inversion tables. The inversion table is very stylish and comfortable at the same time. This table does not have any extra feature or unnecessary feature.

All the feature used in the inversion table is to make them easy and accessible for all. This inversion table is very easy to use and easy to keep also. All over the inversion table is durable, comfortable and the one which is very effective for anyone with the problem.

High-Grade Materials for Durability

The high quality of material for ensuring the durability. The high quality of materials helps to maintain the products quality. The material of the product is used from the best places.


The inversion table comes with a lot of features. That means the inversion table is repairable and the table is made of the best product. The product can take the 300-pound weight and the height capacity of the product is 4 foot 8 inch to 6 foot 6 inch.

Arm control movement

The simple hand movement controls the inversion table. The hand movement shifts the body weight and it is very easy to use.

Other facilities

The ankle holder has a foam roll that gives the feet comfort. The handlebar also has an excellent rubber grip on it. The inversion table is easy to control.

Teeter EP-560 features

  • It's steel frame makes the table durable.
  • An extra head cushion is for the comfort of the inversion table.
  • The ankle roller gives complete security.
  • The adjustable pin system is for the height adjustment.
  • Teeter is the FDA cleared inversion table for realizing back pain.


  • The inversion table is durable and secure to use.
  • This table is very comfortable.
  • The teeter inversion table reviews are excellent in the market.


  • This inversion table does not have any added cushions with it.

This Teeter Hang Ups Ep 560 inversion table is overall very good for anyone and anyone can use the inversion table also. The use of the table is very easy. The material of this inversion table is perfect too. The capacity of this inversion table is very high. The safety measurement of this inversion table has been taken very wisely. The materials are chosen from the best options, so it becomes more durable than the other inversion tables in the market.

2. Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Decompression and Extension Machine

Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Decompression and Extension Machine is another teeter extension machine with lots of facilities. The inversion table is quite high in terms of the quality and materials. The extension machine is stylish and very attractive at the same time, so the customers love to take this inversion table for their own. This table is great for inversion therapy. The entire stretch felt on the body makes the stress and pain go away.

The inversion table is secure and comfortable the table is easy to keep and the table is easy to use at the same time. So this inversion table is an excellent tool for the patients.

Steel and plastic material

The extension machine is made of plastic and steel material. The plastic frame gives the tool a strong body. So the tool is secure and safe to use. On the other side, plastic makes it durable. The durability of the machine expands with the plastic material.

Forward rotating inversion

This type of inversion is just as good as the upside down inversion. The forward rotating inversion is excellent for the strength increasing purpose. So the forward rotating inversion is also good for the user.

Adjustable leg support

The flexible leg support gives the leg to lean while inverting. In this process of inversion, the adjustable ankle holder is not needed, so the leg support is needed here.


The inversion tool can take up to 300-pound weight on it. Which is very much than most other inversion tables. So that means the inversion table is very durable too.

Teeter Hang Ups Dex II features

  • Made of the steel frame.
  • Forward rotating inversion for stretching and strengthening.
  • Sturdy lap support.
  • Adjustable leg supports.
  • The capacity of height measurement is 28 x 58 x 45 inches.


  • The inversion tool is excellent for gaining strength.
  • It strengthens the muscles greatly.
  • This inversion is comfortable than the other type.
  • This tool is very comfortable.


  • The inversion tool does not give the total stretch of the body.

Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Decompression and Extension Machine is great at losing weight or at releasing the pain. This inversion therapy comes with lots of strength power. The ankle holder is not needed here also the padded backrest is not needed. The inversion therapy continues with the bending forward position.

The bending forward takes a monomial space. This tool is easy to store. This tool is small in size and light in weight, so movement with this tool is very easy. Overall this device is great in inversion therapy and fulfills all its purpose. But this tool is more likely to move around with.

3. Teeter EP-960 LTD Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit

Teeter EP-960 LTD Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit is a stylish inversion table, this table is very good at in the pain or posture change and other problems. The inversion therapy benefit with this inversion table is very effective. The inversion table is comfortable and the comfort elements, like cushions and foams, can be removable.

So anyone can change the comfort level as per they want. The inversion table is very secure with the ankle holder attached to it. The inversion table is quite strong also. In total, this brand is outstanding in the market and getting popularity day by day.

Lose weight

This inversion table helps to reduce fatigue. The upside-down position and exercise during this position help to reduce weight faster. For people who want to lose weight, this device is a great tool to use.

Extended ankle lock

Extended ankle lock is to ensure the safety of the inversion table. The table is very secure and accident during the use of the table decrease with this type of ankle lock. The ankle lock is also combined with rolled foam for comfort of the ankles.


The weight capacity of this inversion table is 300 pound and the height capacity of this inversion table is from 4'10" up to 6'6". This range of capacity is quite good compared to the other tables.

Other facilities

The inversion table has a large handlebar, so the user has a total control over the tool. The tool also controlled by the simple hand movement. The hand movement makes the person up or down. The added cushions are also there for comfort.

Teeter EP-960 LTD features

  • The inversion table is made of a steel frame.
  • It is easy to fold.
  • The height capacity of this table is from 4 foot 10 inch to 6 foot 6 inch.
  • This inversion table is very light in weight.
  • It lock system makes the table secure.


  • The inversion table takes minimal space to store.
  • This table is very comfortable.
  • The table is very durable and strong.


  • The inversion table does not come with floor matt.

Teeter EP-960 LTD Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit is a heavy duty inversion table. This device has been proven the best to serve its purpose. The inversion table is easy to use and the security system of the table is very strict.

The inversion table is made of the best materials, so that makes the table the most durable table. The table gives the total stretch over body do pain and stress are released at the same time the posture is also improved. The inversion table is trendy in the market.

4. Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Inversion and Chin Up System with Rack

Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Inversion and Chin Up System with Rack is a great inversion tool regarding look and quality. This device is mainly known as the best for its outstanding performance. The inversion tool is excellent for its effectiveness. The inversion tool is easy to use and easy to keep also. This device is very comfortable at the same time. The ankle holder is made of steel and has a foam around it just for the comfort of the user. 

Regarding releasing pain and stress this tool has an excellent review in the market. This inversion tool also works as strength increasing tool. So overall this inversion tool is great for young users mostly.

Steel frame

The steel frame is the base of the inversion tool. The steel frame is perfect for the inversion therapy just because this gives the most security and durability to the device. The device last long if the frame is made of steel as this is the best material to use.

Relieve tension and pain

This inversion table is great for release tension and pain. The entire stretch in this inversion table and the stretch feeling in the spinal area releases from the stress and pain.

Double-bar system

Double bar system is for the security purpose of the tool. The dual bar system makes the inversion therapy easy to use. Inversion becomes easy with this kind of system.

Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up features

  • Gravity boots make the therapy secure and protect the ankle.
  • Plastic is for giving the tool durability.
  • Self-locking ratchet buckles is a security measure, to secure the user.
  • The inversion tool is very comfortable.


  • The inversion tool is durable and secure.
  • There is minimal chance of an accident while using the tool.
  • The tool is straightforward to use.
  • Great at losing weight.


  • Might be little difficult for the beginner.

Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Inversion and Chin Up System with Rack is one of the easiest inversion tools. This tool works just as the inversion table but the pattern of the device is different. This device is very cheap than most of the inversion tables also. The inversion tables take much space to keep, on the other hand, this device does not take much space to keep. So overall this device is a great tool and it fulfills its purpose entirely.

5. Teeter Comfort Cushion - plush padded surface with microfiber shell

Teeter Comfort Cushion - plush padded surface with microfiber shell is one of the best accessories for the inversion table. This accessory makes the inversion easy and effective. This gives total comfort to the user. The comfort level increases with the use of it. This accessory is the one who is the beginner of the inversion table.

This gives the table an extra support. So this accessory is an excellent solution to the inversion therapy pain. It is the best accessory to the inversion table in the market.

Polyester Outer Shell

The table gives a strong outer shell. The outer shell remains strong and the chance of tearing decreases. Minimize Pressure points: Ergonomic shape with plush padding conforms to natural body contours; 16.5 in x 44 in

Added extra comfort

This adds extra support to the therapy used. The therapy becomes more easy and effective with the help of this cushions.

Teeter Comfort Cushion features

  • Durable microfiber shell in the cushions.
  • This help to use the inversion table.
  • The polyester fabric makes it durable.


  • Inversion therapy is easy with this.
  • Inversion therapy comfortable with this.
  • The cushion is durable.
  • It is easy to put on.


  • The cushion is not washable.

The Teeter Comfort Cushion - plush padded surface with microfiber shell is for the comfort purpose. This makes the inversion therapy easy for anyone. This cushion makes the inversion comfortable. Anyone can use the inversion table with the help of this. This cushion is very strong and gives a grip to the user. So mostly this cushion is great for inversion table users.

Is Hanging Upside Down Good For You

Hanging upside down is a therapy which is known as the inversion therapy. This therapy has been doing great for many years now for the pain patient and the person who wants to lose their weight. The inversion table is also suitable for one who is very conscious about their fitness. The inversion table makes a whole stretch over the body. 

The stretch feeling is appropriate for anyone. The stretch also helps to release stress. So at the side of lassoing pain, this tool is excellent to relief mentally also. So an inversion table is a great tool for anyone with those particular problems or even one with the fitness purpose.

The Verdicts

In this teeter hang ups inversion table reviews selected the one which is easy to use and most effective. Forward leaning is possible with this kind of inversion table. This type of inversion table is made of the best quality of materials and the inversion tables are very durable. With the side of durability, these inversion tables are comfortable also. So the material quality is crucial for this type of table.

The inversion tables are very cheap than the other one and they are easy to keep as they are smaller in size. The inversion tables are also very secure to use. Some inversion table also comes with gravity boot to give extra protection. In teeter inversion table reviews our vote goes with the Teeter Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit is the best type of hang ups inversion table among those all.

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